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Why People With Blood Sugar Problems Have Emotional Imbalances

Long story short: every hormone is a chemical. And every hormone has an associated emotion attached to it. Think about cortisol: it is a stress hormone. In fact, most hormones are stress hormones, insulin included. Yes we need them to build and rebuild the bodies, but minimizing their utilization by the body by optimizing metabolic processes through nutritional therapy will lead to improved emotional states in the body.

Why is insulin a stress hormone? Because eating sugar is stressful on the body. Carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient. So they are to be consumed only in small amounts, as little as possible! The body treats the glucose released by carbohydrates as a toxin. Yes, glucose is toxic in excess amounts. Cancer cells, for example, are obligate glucose metabolizers. That is why any MD worth his salt will prescribe a low-carbohydrate diet to a cancer patient, so as to starve out the cancer cells. You can also starve out fungal infections in the body.

If you suffer from depression as a diabetic, now you know the cause. It is hormonal. Yes, all of us diabetics are hormonal. So we need to have war strategies to prevent these hormones from poisoning our bodies and giving us toxic emotional states which self-perpetuate themselves. Antidepressant pharmaceutical witchcraft will not help you. It will interfere with normal hormone systems and cause infertility as long as you use the poisons.

Alcoholics can be violent and angry because of they are poisoned by hormones/emotions. People with blood sugar issues can be the same way: angry, inexplicably harboring hatred and irritation, depressed, and so on. The solution is to remove the poisons and re-establish natural hormonal processes in the body.

Keep in mind that introducing exogenous hormones into the body down-regulates the bodies natural ability to create that hormone on its own. So if you give someone an insulin injection, you are telling the organs responsible for regulating insulin (pancreas, liver, etc) that they can go ahead and atrophy and go away, because they are not needed.

So minimize hormone therapy as best as you can to best remove chemical poisoning from your emotions and “medicines.” You can literally poison yourself with negative emotions. Here are some strategies to eliminate poisonous emotions (read my article about cortisol for more info.):

  1. Stop watching national news (they perpetuate fear, divisiveness, and baseless hatred amongst brothers)
  2. Go low-carb/keto if you are on insulin therapy.
  3. Switch your morning alarm clock away from stressful ringers and beeps, and more towards natural sounds like birds singing, harp music, waves crashing, water falling, etc. Rise gently in the morning.
  4. Synchronize your body with the rhythms of your environment. Rise at dawn and sleep at dusk. Pay attention to the moon and know its phase. Mind the Hebrew calendar and regard the wisdom of King Solomon, son of David, King of Israel: For every thing there is a time/season, a time for healing, a time for … For example, the Hebrew month of Iyaar literally means “G-d is my healer.” That would make that time of year a good time to heal!
  5. Avoid negative speech about others. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Avoid people that speak ill of others, unless it is absolutely necessary (like warning others not to be taken advantage of). Distance yourself from those who propagate hatred and fascination with abominations.
  7. Pray to G-d for wisdom. Trust in Him. Look for Him speaking to you in the world.
  8. Trust yourself more than you trust medical doctors. Better yet, be your own doctor. And use doctors as the limited sources of experience and information that they are – mere humans.

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