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What is Pica?

Not often discussed in the medical community, pica is thought to be at the root of most diseases. Ever wonder why some babies will eat paint chips or be seen “cribbing?” They are trying to get minerals lacking in their diets. Pica is compulsive eating, commonly experienced by adults as going to the refrigerator and staring inside with the door open, looking for something to eat. The Standard American Diet (SAD) leaves most people with a constant nagging, deep-seated hunger in the pit of the stomach that cannot be satisfied by the nutritionally bankrupt processed foods we find all around us.

Pica is mineral deficiency, and there are over 80 essential trace minerals from the periodic table of elements that our bodies need. In fact, each organ in the body has a mineral associated with it and its function. For example, calcium for bones, chromium for the pancreas, iodine for thyroid, and so on. Autopsies on tens of thousands of animals reveal a direct correlation between disease in a given organ and a deficiency in the mineral needed for that organ to be healthy and function according to nature’s (G-d’s) design.

Dr. Joel Wallach recommends colloidal mineral supplementation from humic shale/fulvic source because as opposed to solid mineral supplements commonly found in cheap drug stores which only can be absorbed around 3% by our bodies, these colloidal suspensions of the full spectrum of essential minerals are absorbed at rates as high as 90% by our bodies. His general protocol seems to indicate that every time a person gets a hunger pang/craving, they should eat and take a shot of colloidal minerals. Even if that means 10 shots a day. That’s because many of us have deep-seated mineral deficiencies in our bodies which we accumulated over decades. Some are even intergenerational deficiencies based on where we live and get our foods from and the depleted soils the foods come from. In fact, being the first born out of the mother’s womb means having the first grab at her mineral supply. Second and third-born children get sloppy second and thirds on a nutritionally-deficient mother’s meager supply.

Raw milk is also a great all-around multivitamin and supplement to fortify the body and rebuild health. Milk has everything the baby calf needs to grow, develop and thrive. So it stands to reason that it has everything that YOU need too. If you’ll only wake up and realize that doctors don’t study nutrition in medical schools, they know nothing about this sort of thing.

I also don’t want to discount the spiritual root of disease (tzaaras – the Hebrew word for disease in the Hebrew Bible). G-d seems to use pica as a way to manifest tzaaras.

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