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Thank you for visiting FriendoHealth.com. The purpose of this website is to review the latest in health information, trends, treatments, products, and supplements. Also, it is important to us to point out misconceptions and misinformation, whether it is propagated by trendy movements or official governmental bodies. The test for whether something is useful or not is to hold it up to the light of day, and ask “Does it work or not?”

We hope you enjoy reading this information, and can make use of it to empower yourself to restore and turbocharge your health and that of your family. Of course, we must cover our ass by giving the standard disclaimer that you must consult with a physician before making any changes to your food, drink, supplements, or anything really. This site is not intended as medical advice. No advice is given or implied, and we assume no responsibility for your actions. Your actions are your own, and should be based on your own research, under true informed consent. Don’t allow yourself to be a human lab rat for the establishment to run medical tests on. Take control of your health and your life with the power of information, knowledge, and understanding.

Be wary of fake science mascarading as fact. For example, the dogma that global warming is caused by men (anthropogenic climate change.) The truth seems to be that the planet has been slowly growing warmer because of the increasing energy output of the sun over the past centuries. It causes the ice caps on Mars to retreat. Yet the establishment here would have you believe that SUVs and long trips are killing the planet, and humans don’t have a right to live life to the fullest. Beware of the medical establishment, that has many historical roots in evil cults like eugenics, and doctors who view patients as test subjects and do not even provide true informed consent.

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