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Top 19 Simple and No-Prep Keto Snacks for Type 1 Diabetes

These snacks won’t budge your blood sugar if you eat them in moderation, even when you don’t take any bolus insulin!

  1. Green olives: who’s going to say that eating lots of olives is bad for you? I eat them like popcorn now, because they have only 1 carb and 1 fiber (0 net carbs) per serving of about 3 olives. I don’t worry about salt because I believe it is a myth that sodium chloride causes blood pressure dysregulation.
  2. Kosher Pickles: It’s the salt craving I am satisfying here. The first thing any rancher puts out is a salt lick for cattle. Seems like they’re onto something right? We eat often because we crave salt. Pickles give you salt and some vitamins without the carbs. Definitely no empty calories here.
  3. Salted Seaweed Packs: These are available in health stores and now in bulk at Costco. They are an addictive 0-carb snack with a nice 1:1 ratio of fat:protein from the avocado oil in which they are roasted and the natural protein in the kelp. Salty and delicious, and full of minerals like potassium.
  4. Mozzarella Cheese: I eat this by the chunk. You can also mix it with some pepperoncinis, garlic, olive oil, basil, oregano, and sliced cherry tomatoes for a tasty antipasto. I melt this onto my keto toast and pizzas also. 0 carbs.
  5. 0-0 Heavy cream (my way of saying 0 carbs, 0 protein: pure fat in other words), coffee, stevia, ginger powder, turmeric. This tastes like a latte but won’t budge blood sugar much at all. I drink this daily in the morning for sustenance. 0-0 heavy cream is a great secret recipe to make scrambled eggs creamy. Also works in other recipes.
  6. Raw sunflower seeds: A tasty snack by the handful. They’re also great for baking, and my preferred flour for pizza, sweet bread, and regular bread because they only have 1 net carb per ¼ cup. Grind them in a coffee grinder and bake (high smoke point means they’re safe for baking). Highly nutritious.
  7. Macadamia nuts: Probably the nut with the highest fat:protein ratio in existence, with only 1 net carb per ¼ cup. These nuts are expensive but give a great nutrient density that packs a super bang for the buck. You can also make your own flour from it in a coffee grinder (high smoke point good for baking) or some fresh macadamia milk by blending with water and filtering through cheesecloth.
  8. Avocados (salted with lemon juice, in sushi, out of the rind with a spoon and cinnamon, guacamole)
  9. Raw pumpkin seeds: Only about 1 net carb per ¼ cup. Pumpkin seeds contain an oil that is considered therapeutic. They taste great raw, especially mixed with sunflower, macadamia and other ketogenic nuts and seeds.
  10. Raw walnuts: Another tasty fatty nut with a natural oil considered therapeutic. Not to be roasted, because its oil is sensitive with a smoke point of as low as 200F. Raw prevents the threat of heat denigrating the therapeutic oil into toxins and carcinogens. 
  11. Canned sardines in olive oil: hear me out on these puppies. I eat them straight out of the tin. The bones are soft. It’s a soft-boned fish and the heads and organs are removed. I pepper the fish with some curry or garam masala or cayenne pepper seasoning and eat them with a spoon. The oil/water mixture is a tasty broth just like a soup. Very satisfying and they don’t budge my blood sugar. Close to being a whole food. For a whole food, eat the fish whole. Smoked has a nice flavor.
  12. Homemade sushi: (fresh-thawed Costco frozen salmon, seaweed snack, soy sauce, avocado or celery)
  13. Sacha inchi seeds: rare yet delicious to eat by the handful salted. They remind me of peanuts, but have 0 net carbohydrates. These seeds grow on vines in the East and are slowly gaining popularity in the West in ketogenic recipes and snacking.
  14. Salted cucumber slices: self-explanatory. I like the salty, crunchy texture and vitamin C boost.
  15. Celery stalks with raw pumpkin seed butter: fast and simple snack.
  16. Glass of unsweetened vanilla macadamia milk: Try it, you’ll like it. Macadamia milk has about 3g fat per 8oz serving, and can also dissolve turmeric powder for a little spice. It’s very hearty and delicious. It hits the spot for me when I want some nourishment, as it stifles that nagging hunger I get in my gut sometimes (pica).
  17. Keto toast with spread brie cheese, sliced white onion, and lox salmon
  18. Homemade keto ice cream: You buy an electric ice cream maker off of eBay for $25 or so (2022) and the ingredients are simple: fresh heavy cream, allulose (works a little better than erythritol), unsweetened almond or macadamia milk, and whatever flavors you want to add (I like Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint essential oil, etc.). Try substituting cold coffee for the unsweetened milk for a coffee iced cream.
  19. Fried eggs: Can’t beat the simple preparation of an egg fried in olive oil or coconut oil or avocado oil with some salt, smoked paprika, and maybe cayenne pepper. A great wh0le food that is rich in the full spectrum of minerals.
  20. Filtered water: Yes, sometimes you misinterpret a signal from your body as hunger which is really thirst. Drinking more water will rehydrate the thirst receptors and eventually you can rely on the thirst signal again to tell you when to drink. According to Dr. Rashid Buttar though, most people live in chronic dehydration and need to drink 1-2 fluid ounces per pound of body weight they have. I wrote an article on hydrotherapy also which you might find helpful in managing hyperglycemia.

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