Why Natural Fats and Oils Are Among Nature’s Healthiest Foods

Ever notice what a huge, embarrassing failure the low-fat diet has been for Americans? Since it’s popularity began in the 1990’s, Americans have suffered increasingly from obesity, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, ulcers… you name it. Autism…

Ever hear of the X Factor? Or vitamin F? Probably not. What a travesty of ignorance, perpetuated by the FDA.

Here’s the short story: The dentist Weston A. Price toured a variety of cultures in the beginning of the 20th century around the world. He observed that peoples who ate the ancient diet of their ancestors thrived without disease, with straight teeth and beautiful broad facial structures. But after they switched to the processed foods of “Western Civilization,” their health deteriorated and they got all manner of “diseases of civilization,” including crooked teeth, cavities, narrow underdeveloped facial structures, and the whole host of nutritional ailments from diabetes to obesity, cancer and everything in between.

Genetics didn’t matter. Nutrition is everything. Dr. Price said that he attributed what he called the nutritional “X Factor” or “Activator X” found in ancient diets to fat-soluble nutrients. He did not isolate the X Factor but identified it’s presence in a large variety of foods such as raw whole milk, butter, cheese, organ meats (offal), nose-to-tail diets, oily fish, raw nuts and seeds, coconut oil, oily fruits like olives and avocados, and beef tallow (a rendered form of fat trimmings from cattle).

Fast forward some decades to Dr. Royal Lee. He took an interest in nutrition from a very young age and eventually healed his mother’s cancer through nutritional supplements he made at home from whole foods. He would go on to read the works of Dr. Price and isolate and concentrate the X Factor, deciding to rename it “Vitamin F.” You can think of Vitamin F as being “vitamin (healthy) fat.”

Vitamin F is a spectrum of nutrients that are fat-soluble in animals and their byproducts. That’s in contrast to water-soluble nutrients like Vitamin C (also a spectrum of compounds). What is a spectrum? It is very different from what you find on drug store shelves, which are purified and patentable chemical compounds and molecules that exist as only 1 “isomer.” That’s chemistry speak for ultra pure. The problem is that the ultra pure petrochemical compounds sold as drugs and “vitamins” are lacking dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of co-factors, enzymes, and complementary isomers which belong to the same group of molecules/compounds. You need the full spectrum because they harmonize and synergize with one another in the body.

Another risk of highly purified patentable garbage is that when not taken with the necessary co-factors, it depletes your body’s natural stores of those things. So benefits are guaranteed to be temporary at best, if at all as they eat away at your body’s nutritional stores. That’s why we need whole foods, whole food supplements, and none of that purified, patentable garbage they sell for cheap in supermarkets.

Beware of poisonous oils and fats mascarading as healthy alternatives. They do nothing but increase shelf life for manufacturers and distributors while decreasing costs so they can sell you petroleum products falsely labeled as food. It’s fraud!