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The Cylinders Of The Pharaoh

The Egyptians used the Cylinders of the Pharaoh as a regular part of life. Also known as the Rods Of Horus, and Egyptian Healing Rods, they worked for them and in many cases, they can work for other people. The healing powers that the rods provide have helped many people over the ages and the Egyptians may have been smarter at doing this than many other people. For those that use healing rods, they know the powers that they have within them.

What Are The Cylinders Of The Pharaoh?

These rods use techniques similar to acupuncture and Reiki. They were used for a long time in order to help people to live better lives in Egypt. Now, people all over the world are beginning to find out about them and are benefiting from them all the time.

Health Benefits Of The Cylinders Of The Pharaoh

For over 3,000 years, these are the oldest and simplest techniques that were used by the Egyptians in a way to help people. There are many health benefits that they give and here are some of them:

  1. Reduces Stress – Reducing stress is a key part of the benefits of using the rods. If you have a lot of stress in your life, you will want to use the rods to give you the ability to get more rest and stay calm in all types of situations. They will really benefit you in many ways.
  1. Improves Psychic Ability – If you are psychic, they will help to enhance your powers. You will be able to increase your abilities in many ways. Since many people have used the rods to develop their psychic abilities, you may find that yours will tend to develop quickly also.
  1. Restores Inner Balance And Harmony – Having a good inner balance and harmony is the key to living a healthy and interesting life. You will find the rods can give you this ability and that you will be able to live a better way. Make sure that you do all that you can in order to reap the benefits of using the rods.
  1. Creates Better Energy – Another key way that the rods can help you is to increase your energy level. You will have the motivation to get the things done that you need to and you will have the energy that you need to enjoy all that there is to in life.
  1. Induces Focus – Your focus will improve when you use the rods. This will help in both your personal and professional dealings because you will be able to concentrate in a much better way. Focus is key to getting the things done that are part of everyday life as well as planning for a great future.
  1. Eliminates Pain – For many people, pain is a part of their lives. They may have arthritis or their pain was caused by an injury or disease. Since the rods will help to eliminate the pain, this can save them money on medications and other things that they need to do in order to keep their pain in check. You should use the rods on specific areas that may be causing you discomfort and learn other ways that you can use the rods to get rid of the pain that you are feeling.
  1. Helps With Sleep Disorders – If you have insomnia or sleep too much, you will find that the rods will help you with this. When you use the rods, you are reducing your stress levels and relaxing your entire body. This will help you with your sleep patterns so that you will be able to get the rest that you need. In fact, the Rods of Horus have many of the same purported benefits as modern microcurrent therapy!
  1. Improves Confidence – When you look and feel your best, you will have the confidence that you need to go out into the world and face your challenges. You will use the rods on a regular basis and it will give you the ability to look and feel your best at all times.
  1. Gives You A Better Attitude – Since the use of the rods helps with your mind, body, and soul, you will find yourself having a more positive attitude. This can help improve your life in many ways because you will diminish the negativity in your life so that positive energy is all around you. Sometimes, the results of using the rods can be very remarkable. You will most likely see an improvement in your attitude right away when you use the rods.
  1. Controls Appetite – If you want to try and lose weight or gain weight, the use of the rods will allow you to do this in an easier manner. Be sure that you know what you are doing with your weight by weighing yourself regularly. You always want to eat healthy no matter what when you are using the rods for the best outcomes.

How Do You Use The Cylinders Of The Pharaoh?

You can sit or stand when you are using the rods, preferably barefoot on the bare ground, grass, or a concrete slab, so that your body is concurrently taking advantage of the earthing/grounding effect. You want to relax and smile to give the best results. The rods will be in your hands and you will want to squeeze them and then relax. For the best results from the rods, you will want to lie down after you use them. You will feel the inner, as well as the outer relaxation of your mind, body, and soul, start to happen. Many people love the feeling that it gives to them and they use them regularly.

How Often Should The The Cylinders Of The Pharaoh Be Used?

You can use your rods as often as possible as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Many people use them daily in the morning or night whichever is most convenient for them. They fit the rods into their daily schedules so that they can benefit highly from them.

Where Do You Use The Cylinders Of The Pharaoh?

You will want to use them with barefoot earthing. Standing is the ideal pose for when you will using the rods barefoot outside. You will get the most benefits by using rods like this. It is highly recommended that you remove all jewelry and metals when you are using the rods. Another thing that you will want to remember is to avoid eating too much when you are going to use the rods. You won’t be able to get as many benefits from them on a full stomach and it will be uncomfortable for you.

Where Can You Purchase Them Online?

You can find websites that sell the Cylinders Of The Pharaoh online. It will take a simple search to locate some great companies that have a large selection of them. You will want to do some price comparisons before making your purchase. This website is a great one to begin searching for them on They sell their rods on Amazon at a special discount. Be sure that you take advantage of any sales, discounts, or promotions that they might be offering so that you will be able to save even more money. For the most part, people find that the prices are fair and reasonable. Make sure that you are getting what you pay for from a good company. You should also check to see if they offer a phone number, email, or texting ability so that you can contact them if there are any problems with your order.

cylinders of the pharoah with multimeter
These quality Cylinders of the Pharoah are available on Amazon for $39.99. They are 6″ long by 1″ diameter zinc galvanized steel and copper cylinders filled with natural quartz stone. They come with end caps and a velvet bag.

Utilize Other People For Knowledge

If you have questions about the use of your rods, you can get the answers that you need. You will want to learn as much as possible about them so that you can use them on a regular basis and enjoy a much healthier life. If you have any problems, concerns, or issues using the rods, you can also find resolutions to these matters when you speak up. Join groups of people on the internet that also use rods so that you can compare notes with them and also help others to use them properly. Learn as much as you can about the healing properties that they have to offer so that you can benefit from them in most ways. You will be glad that you did this. Also be sure to check out Amazon for books about Egyptian healing.

The Secret Medicine of the Pharaohs by Cornelius Stetter
The Secret Medicine of the Pharaohs is an amazing book, describing things like the Rods of Horus and many more methods not commonly discussed in the modern medical community. Discover the ancient wisdom which is often superior to conventional wisdom! Order here for $19.95.

Something Not All People Know About

The Egyptians used the rods for a long time but many people didn’t believe that they worked. It was shrouded in secrecy for a long time but now has become more talked about. Many people are finding out about them and they are using them too.

Now that you know more about the Cylinders Of The Pharaoh, you can begin using them too. Make sure that you learn as much as you possibly can about them in order to help your situation the most. You will be pleased with how they will improve your life in many ways.