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Helpful Recipe and Ingredient Substitutions to Alleviate Pica

If you haven’t guessed, I take my nutrition cues from the Weston A. Price foundation. I recommend reading their website before you criticize my dietary choices.

Here’s a simple definition of pica (I also have an article on the topic): cravings for junk food caused by a deep-seated nutritional deficiency in the body. It is only resolved by adequate nutrition in adequate quantities. Junk food is empty calories that makes you fat and inflamed, but does not remedy the deficiency your body has in any helpful way.

Keep in mind that I tried the conventional “medical wisdom” i.e. low-fat, high-carb, low cholesterol and salt diet for years and only experienced deteriorating health. Now things are improving after I threw all that nonsense out the window (liver enzymes, cholesterol level, A1C, etc – not that believe in the medical profession’s bloodletting system anyways).

  1. Popcorn: a good substitute is a scrambled egg, fried in quality oil (coconut, avocado, butter, tallow) with salt and whole garlic cloves. Be sure to salt generously and fry in a deep pan with a lot of oil.
  2. Chips: kosher pickles (unsweetened with 0 carbs), green olives, sliced cucumber with heavy salt.
  3. Pancakes: a chaffle (shredded cheese and egg and keto flour waffle). Top with a concentrated slurry of stevia powder and butter.
  4. Ice Cream: Make keto ice cream from heavy cream, allulose/stevia/erythritol, cinnamon, etc. You can make it with an ice cream machine or in a gallon zip bag using ice and salt and the freezer. Either way. This stuff is delicious and 0 carb!
  5. Peanuts: sacha inchi seeds, macadamia nuts, raw sunflower seeds
  6. Peanut butter: raw pumpkin seed butter
  7. Milk: If you’re not yet on raw milk, then make some macadamia nut milk fresh. You need only filtered water, nuts, a food processor/coffee grinder, and some cheese cloth. I drink this stuff unsweetened with some vanilla, and even dissolve turmeric into it. Try suspending nutmeg or cinnamon also.
  8. Eggnog: Just make your own keto version: raw egg, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, allspice, macadamia milk (unsweetened) and stevia.
  9. Milkshake: Use a scoop of your keto ice cream and use a “Nutrabullet” food processor or something to blend it up with some unsweetened macadamia milk and whatever spices you like. Avoid cacao, as it has carbs in it even unprocessed/pure.
  10. Latte: Make a keto latte: black coffee, generous heavy cream, stevia, spices, etc. It’s amazing.
  11. Potato Chips (again): organic roasted seaweed snacks from Costco (salty, nutritious and addictive). No carbs in the good ones, and you can even wrap your own sushi in it.
  12. Sushi: make your own from frozen wild salmon, tuna, etc. Use the seaweed snacks and maybe some avocado, cucumber, or cauliflower rice to roll it up. Don’t forget to get the lowest carbohydrate soy sauce you can find.
  13. Hamburger: Make a lettuce wrap using romaine lettuce. Be sure to mix your own patties by hand and use generous salt and spices to get a great flavor. Pan fried is quick and easy and highly nutritious. If you use a butcher, have them grind in some extra fat and organ meats to get more of a whole food nutritional boost.
  14. Chocolate Milk: Make your own with a glass of unsweetened macadamia milk (<1 carb), a heaping spoonful of unsweeted cocoa powder (1 net carb), and a generous amount of stevia. It takes a lot of stirring, but it does dissolve cold and tastes as delicious and refreshing as the Nestle garbage made with regular milk. Instead of tearing you down with sugar, this chocolate milk builds you up. If you’re not going super low-carb, then substitute the macadamia milk for raw goat or cow milk.

Long story short, you can turn any junk food you crave into a healthy nutritional powerhouse that nourishes your body and doesn’t make you fat. The key to not making you fat is that it is low-carb and still nutritionally dense, so it satisfies your pica at the root cause (nutritional deficiency). These snacks also have the benefit of being tastier than the things you were originally craving.

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