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Fungal Infection/Candida

Fungi grow as a mycelium network in forest ground cover. One spore seen above ground as a mushroom is actually part of a larger organism, a network which spreads underground and pops up in other places.

If you have “seasonal allergies” then you may think that allergens are the root cause of symptoms like runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, some food sensitivity, lethargy, recurring seasonal sinus infections, etc. I found that by targeting the underlying fungal infection, I eliminated most of those problems significantly.

It can take years to root out all of the “underground” fungal network in the body. Since temporary symptom relief only means that the fungus is on the defense. Be assured, you have to persist to kill it all out.

Since fungi feed on dead wood and material in the forest, they benefit the environment by breaking down forest litter into glucose which they feed on. Think of wood and forest litter as hot-burning fuel, also known as carbohydrates. Hence the “heat” of damp heat. The dampness is self-explanatory. Fungi thrive in warm, damp environments, like the musty surface beneath the forest litter field.

Starve out the fungus through carbohydrate restriction. This means your blood will greatly reduce the total volume of glucose it is processing each day. This can take years. An old natural medicine rule of thumb is that for every year you had a disease, you can expect about a month to heal. So if you had this 20 years, then expect complete healing to take around 20 months, or almost 2 years. 

Starving out the fungus is the only way to get 100% healed. Pharmaceuticals only provide temporary relief, hacking at the branches of the mycelium network but not touching the deep roots. There are some other methods to get symptom relief and fight the fungi though, without poisoning the gut and navel with antibiotic pharmaceuticals. Nasal rinse with dissolved buffered salt and nano silver solution is highly effective. Adding 2 drops of orange oil is helpful. Orange oil is also anti-fungal and imparts a pleasant aroma. My experience using these rinses, during times of profuse runny nose, is to draw out more of the mucus living in the sinuses, and fight back the encroachment of the fungi for several days. I have been advised to do it daily but haven’t done this yet.

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