What is Vitamin D (Calciferol) and How it Helps Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D is a spectrum of organic chemicals called calciferols, which vary in structure but all seem to have at least one important structural property: oxygen with a negatively charged lone pair of electrons.

The oxygen electrons are attracted to the mineral calcium, which is positively charged. Together, the two form a complex of the two which is more bio-available. This means that the mineral calcium, along with it’s “cofactor” vitamin D, work together as a unit to be better-assimilated into the body.

The complex can reach water in the body and tissues made of water (most of the body) but most importantly, the complex can also reach fatty/oily parts of the body (like crossing the cell membranes). This is because of the solubility of the complex. Whereas calcium is really only water-soluble, and the vitamin D is mostly fat/oil soluble, the complex can reach both.

So when you take mineral calcium, like the calcium carbonate in Tums, it helps to take it along with some (preferably natural) vitamin D to increase the absorption. If you don’t, then the calcium alone has trouble crossing fatty cell membranes (lipid bilayer structure) and the intestines, so it just passes through the digestive system without getting taken up by parts of the body that need it.

The benefit of natural calcium-containing foods is that they already contain the vitamin D, and so foods rich in calcium already have the complex. Think dairy (like raw, whole milk, which has everything a body needs). Just avoid pasteurized milk, which causes problems with assimilation.

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Benefits Of An Alkaline pH In The Body

Are you wondering how you can reduce the acidic pH level in your blood? It is possible to alter the pH of your blood by changing your diet. The alkaline diet has been a trend that many people have wanted to try, with many claiming that the alkaline diet helps you lose weight, and improves your overall health. It is also commonly prescribed as a nutritional therapy in eastern schools of medicine.

There are many benefits of an alkaline body pH, which will be discussed in this article. In these modern times, you will realize that there are a lot of acid-forming foods, including the meats, dairy, and carbs, which most people consume. Eating a lot of acidic processed foods is not good for your health because your body tends to become more prone to diseases, weight gain, and chronic illnesses.

Balancing your body’s internal pH levels is important to keep your body happy and healthy. Research shows that following an alkaline diet helps to alleviate illnesses which would have otherwise had a toll on you. The human body is usually alkaline, with a blood pH of about 7.4. This figure alternates when you take too many acidic foods. Read on to learn more about your body’s pH.

Benefits Of Alkaline PH In The Body

One thing you need to understand is that the body works on a particular pH range, usually around 7.4. This number lies more on the alkalinity side of the spectrum than the acidic side. For the body to function to its optimum, it has to ensure that the environment is alkaline. Anytime your pH levels shift towards the acidic side of the spectrum, your body gets into distress. The kidneys play an important role in maintaining alkalinity in the body. They are responsible for filtering out any excess acids in the system, to keep the body at the right pH levels.

Anytime you consume excessive acidic foods, your kidneys have to work harder to create an alkaline environment. Sometimes, the kidneys fail to keep up, especially when you over-consume such foods. When the kidney fails to get rid of the acidic waste, the waste starts to accumulate in your tissues, leading to health conditions such as breast cancer.

Examples Of Acid-Forming Foods

It is important to know the types of food and drink you consume if at all you want to take care of your body. Start by identifying foods that may encourage acid waste accumulation in your body. While most people will think of fried foods such as fries, most of them are ignorant of the other acidic foods that they consume every day. Some of the acid-forming foods that you need to think about include poor-quality meat, farmed fish, and pasteurized dairy products. It would be best if you also minimized intake of all sugar slurries (sodas, with the exception of Stevia sodas) and processed foods. Never consume corn syrup, refined sucrose (white sugar), MSG, gross preservatives, etc. Anything refined or canned should be thoroughly vetted with nutritional knowledge, nutrition label study, and contacting manufacturers, because they often tend to be high in acid-forming poisons. Alcoholic drinks, sugared ice creams, and certain low-quality sweetened yogurts should also be scrapped from your daily intake.

Reasons To Eat Alkaline Foods

Reduces Fatigue

Taking a lot of acidic foods reduces the supply of oxygen in your body. This means that your body’s ability to repair and collect nutrients is decreased. If you have been feeling tired even after sleeping for many hours, then it could be that you are consuming a lot of acidic foods, which result in the unnecessary buildup of acid in your body. Also, research shows that supplementing your diet with alkaline minerals helps to minimize back pain.

Strengthens Bones And Prevents Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone fracture that affects older men and women. Research shows that alkaline diets reduce the amount of calcium lost in the urine, hence reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Alkaline foods and drinks also charge up the volume of calcium consumed in an assimilable form.

Note that as you grow older, your body naturally uses up calcium from your bones, leaving you with little calcium. Calcium plays a key role in balancing your body pH and blood. Alkaline diets have low protein, which is important for the growth and support of your muscles. However, note that very little protein may also cause osteoporosis. To ensure you are on the safer side, consume more lean proteins, more vegetables, and fruits.

Dr. Joel Wallach has been heard to recommend Tums (Calcium carbonate) as a quick supplement for calcium. It contains more calcium per weight than the expensive calcium lactate. While not the most assimilable form of the mineral calcium (like so many rock minerals sold in stores), it does absorb around 3-5%, depending on your health and age. Stay tuned for the end of the article, when I’ll share a supplement source that is cheap, natural, unprocessed, and assimilates an abundance of calcium in a bio-available organically-bound form at rates up to and exceeding 90%.

Just keep in mind: the body can’t absorb much from rock minerals (like most solid supplement tablets, which are often found in quantity, undissolved in portable toilets). Clays are slightly better, but nowhere near 90%.

Also beware of the chronic calcium deficiency plaguing America, causing such varied ails as: heartburn, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, receding gums, cavities, narrow and underdeveloped bone and facial structure, hip and joint deterioration, and I suspect even insulin resistance.

Reducing salt intake is considered “conventional wisdom,” but it is false information. Think about how much propaganda is shared by doctors who know nothing about real nutrition. I have become beware of refined white salt, and switched to “impure” salt like sea salt and Himalayan salt, in quantity, to taste every day. It helps me in many ways.

Reduces Inflammation

Too much acid in the body also increases inflammation and especially if you already have other preexisting conditions such as cancer or heart disease. Taking alkaline food and drink is advisable because they help to keep the inflammation in check. If you have been having inflammatory issues, you need to eat more alkaline forming food and drink in your diet.

Minimizes Chronic Kidney Diseases

A highly acidic diet is said to increase metabolic acidosis, which, on the other hand, increases the risk of you getting kidney disease. To minimize the chances of getting kidney disease, you need to take foods with loads of magnesium and vegetable sources of protein. Avoid acidic foods at all costs. Also, note that raising urine pH may help to improve your health. Since most people’s diet is mostly acidic, the kidneys tend to have a difficult time trying to eliminate the body’s acidic wastes. If you want to give your kidneys an easier time, you need to embrace a lower acid diet.

Ways To Measure The Salivary And Urine PH Using PH Strips

It is important to do a pH test to check how alkaline or acidic your body is. Knowing your pH levels helps you determine the course you need to take, as far as your health is concerned. If your body is highly acidic, you can make huge adjustments to your diet, to create an alkalizing effect on your body’s pH. It is recommended to test both your urine and saliva to get the accurate results. Test the pH at different times of the day as you record the readings over some time.

Just FYI, I was introduced to this idea by an MD (oncologist) who does alternative treatments including alkaline diet, high-dose vitamin C, hyperbaric oxygen, energy therapy, meditation, IV infusions of EDTA and vitamins, and other detoxifying supplements like chlorella, essential oils, probiotics, etc. I think he has the right idea, but he never shared the secret “easy way” I will drop below…

Saliva Test

Before you do the test, you need to wait for two hours after you have eaten or drank a meal. Proceed to fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow it. This helps to eliminate any acidic bacteria that may be present. Put some saliva on a spoon and then dip the strip to test the pH. Use saliva that is free from any bubbles. Ensure that both pads on the test strip are covered in the liquid and then remove it. Wait for 15 seconds and then match the color reading against the indicator chart in the pH test strip packaging.

That is the “proper procedure,” but I don’t do that myself. I just dip the pH paper into my tongue saliva directly and wait 15 seconds for reading. It’s good to do this several times a day.

Urine Test

I don’t really like going in for bloodletting or other lab analyses anymore. But I have a lot of data from over the years on myself, after being compelled to do bloodletting by a host of MDs.

For this test, you are advised to use the first urine of the day, since it’s usually more acidic than normal. Place the pH test strip in the urine stream and allow both pads on the test strip to be covered in the liquid. Proceed to shake off any excess fluid and then wait for a few seconds. Compare the color change to the color chart and then throw away the used pH test strip.

How Long Does It Take For Someone To Improve Their PH Levels?

There are two ways for someone to achieve an alkaline salivary pH round-the-clock: the easy way, and the hard way. Let me explain:

Easy Way (Through Your Water)

Fulvic and Humic minerals (classified scientifically as Vegetable Bio-Mass Minerals). This is decomposed vegetable matter sourced from rich veins in the earth.

I recommend reading the article on hydrotherapy, or “water-therapy,” which I wrote last month, describing how useful it is for me to help replace insulin therapy in my Type 1 Diabetes if you want to learn more about how water is good medicine in itself. I can’t do it full justice here. But it’s a good supplementary resource for you if you’re curious.

Anyways, humic/fulvic minerals are sometimes used to fertilize crops by very well-educated growers in a holistic manner (including all the raw minerals that the life forms need, including a slew of trace minerals counting 80 or more). In short, the longest-lived and most disease-free people on the planet often have varying diets, but they share something in common: the sources of their water.

The best water contains the whole spectrum of the aforementioned minerals because it is glacial “milk” pouring from the mountain heights, where the ice and water erode 4 inches annually of rich stone at a molecular level. These minerals, when used to water crops and for drinking, supply the body with all the co-factors and catalysts needed by the amazingly complex body to run processes in the background that science now barely understands.

Other quality sources of minerals include a good salt intake (such as sea salt and Himalayan salt – the pink color comes from so-called “impurities,” namely minerals!). Natural springs can also be good, depending on their source.

The minerals in fulvic and humic blends are dissolved down to the molecular ionic level, and wrapped in a slew of organic compounds (such as amino acids, organic vitamins, and fulvic) which lend a negative charge to the complexes. The negative charge is attracted to the positively charged surfaces of the intestinal tract and cells, facilitating rapid and presumably passive absorption into cellular machinery where it is critically needed.

Deficiencies of trace essential so-called “non-essential” minerals manifest in people today are the result of bankrupt water and foods sourced from depleted soils. Each disease seems to have one or more trace mineral deficiency lying at the root of it.

Ever wonder why your dog never gets sick? Or livestock most of the time? Well their feeds are formulated to provide between 20 and 40+ trace minerals. But the baby formula we give our infants has 12 or less! Why do we get the cheap stuff?

The solution is to supplement, and the purest fulvic and humic mineral blends are the best and easiest way. Be sure to source it from a company that takes the time to only use cold purified water to extract the minerals from the source shale deposits. Cheapskates in the industry will use heat and chemicals to speed up the process, thereby destroying the fulvic wrappers on the minerals, and greatly decreasing their ability to work fast, reliably and effectively.

You can source your quality, vetted minerals from Friendo Health for a low price. I am a chemist and have personally used my source of minerals long term and recently increased my consumption of the same fulvic/humic minerals I am selling to get immediate positive health benefits, manifesting themselves each day as improved hair, nail, and skin texture. Also less medication requirements and continually alkaline pH (a good metric for dietary and health progress).

The minerals I am sourcing come from quality deposits in New Mexico and I can provide the laboratory analyses on batches to back it up. And I assure that they aren’t produced using heat nor chemicals – just cold distilled water and patience.

You can contact me for order information:

Hard Way (Through Your Food)

It’s worth mentioning, because you will get this recommendation from a variety of alternative practitioners, from chiropractors to more-enlightened MDs to acupuncturists and practitioners of Chinese/Eastern medicine.

Creating an alkaline body this way does require you to sacrifice much. You need to make a few changes when it comes to your diet, following the famed “Alkaline Diet,” and soon enough, you’ll start seeing the changes. For a start, you need to take a lot of vitamins and minerals through supplements or diet. Drinking lots of water and minimizing processed foods is also a good way to reduce your body’s acidic levels. Since this is a lifestyle, you need to manage your pH levels sustainably. If you have to eat meat, consider lean meat instead. Eat the meat once a week as opposed to how you were eating before. Slowly, you will start noticing that you have more energy and that your body is feeling way better.

You need to look at your diet and make the necessary changes if you realize that your acidic levels are too high. Consider the tips discussed above to make a lifetime change.

So How Long?

I can’t say for sure in my limited experience treating myself. I’ve tried so many things. But I would expect to see results within a few days or weeks at least, depending on the amount of trace minerals deficiencies which have accumulated in the body over decades. Rome wasn’t built in a day (but it’s still here – just check out the quality Roman cement that puts modern cement to shame). And the Hebrew Bible advises to be patient in healing. But have faith that the Holy One, blessed is He, has given you disease as a wake-up call. He admonishes the ones He loves, and pays cash to the face of the wicked that wouldn’t get the message anyways.


Why Natural Fats and Oils Are Among Nature’s Healthiest Foods

Ever notice what a huge, embarrassing failure the low-fat diet has been for Americans? Since it’s popularity began in the 1990’s, Americans have suffered increasingly from obesity, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, ulcers… you name it. Autism…

Ever hear of the X Factor? Or vitamin F? Probably not. What a travesty of ignorance, perpetuated by the FDA.

Here’s the short story: The dentist Weston A. Price toured a variety of cultures in the beginning of the 20th century around the world. He observed that peoples who ate the ancient diet of their ancestors thrived without disease, with straight teeth and beautiful broad facial structures. But after they switched to the processed foods of “Western Civilization,” their health deteriorated and they got all manner of “diseases of civilization,” including crooked teeth, cavities, narrow underdeveloped facial structures, and the whole host of nutritional ailments from diabetes to obesity, cancer and everything in between.

Genetics didn’t matter. Nutrition is everything. Dr. Price said that he attributed what he called the nutritional “X Factor” or “Activator X” found in ancient diets to fat-soluble nutrients. He did not isolate the X Factor but identified it’s presence in a large variety of foods such as raw whole milk, butter, cheese, organ meats (offal), nose-to-tail diets, oily fish, raw nuts and seeds, coconut oil, oily fruits like olives and avocados, and beef tallow (a rendered form of fat trimmings from cattle).

Fast forward some decades to Dr. Royal Lee. He took an interest in nutrition from a very young age and eventually healed his mother’s cancer through nutritional supplements he made at home from whole foods. He would go on to read the works of Dr. Price and isolate and concentrate the X Factor, deciding to rename it “Vitamin F.” You can think of Vitamin F as being “vitamin (healthy) fat.”

Vitamin F is a spectrum of nutrients that are fat-soluble in animals and their byproducts. That’s in contrast to water-soluble nutrients like Vitamin C (also a spectrum of compounds). What is a spectrum? It is very different from what you find on drug store shelves, which are purified and patentable chemical compounds and molecules that exist as only 1 “isomer.” That’s chemistry speak for ultra pure. The problem is that the ultra pure petrochemical compounds sold as drugs and “vitamins” are lacking dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of co-factors, enzymes, and complementary isomers which belong to the same group of molecules/compounds. You need the full spectrum because they harmonize and synergize with one another in the body.

Another risk of highly purified patentable garbage is that when not taken with the necessary co-factors, it depletes your body’s natural stores of those things. So benefits are guaranteed to be temporary at best, if at all as they eat away at your body’s nutritional stores. That’s why we need whole foods, whole food supplements, and none of that purified, patentable garbage they sell for cheap in supermarkets.

Beware of poisonous oils and fats mascarading as healthy alternatives. They do nothing but increase shelf life for manufacturers and distributors while decreasing costs so they can sell you petroleum products falsely labeled as food. It’s fraud!